For Candidates

Whilst the primary focus of Radley Scott is to head hunt for Client specific requirements, invariably through search assignments we may identify top quality professionals who are actively looking/interested in making a move that may not be suited to current assignments.

Even if you have not been approached by Radley Scott for a specific role, we may be of assistance to you in securing your next position.

Due to the incestuous nature of the Insurance market place, often senior level professionals find it difficult to seek their next role in confidence and without placing risk on their current situation.

Consultants at Radley Scott are able to utilize networks within the Insurance market to identify immediate/pending opportunities that match with your skill, experience and aspirations. In this way you may be represented in a confidential manner and gain access to positions that are not seen advertised

Should you be interested speaking to one of our consultants about this service or any current assignments we may be actively working on please contact us.